Herring CPA's & Consultants / More Than Money
Date: 06-04-12
Topic: Personal Financial Planning

Are your investment results below your expectations? Are you just sitting back and letting this economy take its toll on you or do you have an investment plan that really works?

At Herring CPAs and Consultants, we do personal financial planning with clients who want to understand investment strategy and increase their rates of return.

We positively change the perception new clients have about CPA's because we have the skills to keep in front of your financial planning needs.

At Herring CPA's & Consultants It's "More Than Money", It's About The Success of Our Clients!

If you believe it is time to evaluate where your investments are and to learn how to make them grow, we can help. For a complimentary initial consultation, please contact me, Larry Herring, at 407-647- 7777, that?s 407-647-7777, or visit HerringCPA.com?Offices Winter Park.